A priest and a lawyer were killed in a car accident and showed up at the Pearly Gates together. St. Peter was there to greet them and he took them to the homes where they would spend all of eternity. They got into St. Peter's Holy golf cart and headed down a gold road which turned into a platinum road which turned into a platinum road which turned into a driveway paved with diamonds leading to a huge mansion - where St. Peter turned to the lawyer and said "Here is your home for all of eternity, enjoy! And if there is anything you need, just let me know!"

St. Peter and the priest got back on the road. Back down the driveway paved in diamonds, back down the Platinun Road, back down the gold road, turned onto a silver road; along an asphalt road into a cobblestone alley  and finally down a dirt footpath to a shack. St. Peter says "Here ya go!" and goes to leave when the priest said "Wait a minute. How come the lawyer gets the big mansion and I get the shack?"

St. Peter said "priests are a dime a dozen here. We've never had a lawyer before."