December 19th

About 15% of American men will go to a holiday party wearing WHAT?

Answer:  Makeup.


December 18th

Almost tree quarters of adults can no longer do this, but could when they were younger.  What?

Answer:  Play a musical instrument.


December 17th

Almost 2,000 people will go to the E-R this year after throwing their back out doing WHAT?

Answer:  Decorating the Christmas Tree.


December 16th

This food item contains more salt than any other common food choice, and chances are, you have it once a week.  What is it?

Answer:  Dill Pickles.


December 13th

Only 5 people in the U.S can say it...WHAT?

Answer: "I was born in the 1800's".


December 12th

When asked to name 3 things they don't want for Christmas, almost 1/2 the people said what?

Answer:  A sweater.


December 11th

To host a Super Bowl, you've got to have room for 40 of these.  What?

Answer:  TV bradcast trucks.


December 10th

Even though an expert SHOULD do it, 1/3 of Americans say they've done it themselves.  What?

Answer:  A surgical procedure.


December 9th

Most people will do it between 25-30 times this Christmas.  What?

Answer:  Sign a Christmas card.


December 6th

When asked what they were MOST reluctant to discuss with their doctor, 1 in 10 men said WHAT?

Answer:  Smelly feet.


December 5th

If you found an extra $100 in your pocket, how would you spend it? #1 answer-shopping...#2-eat out...What is #3?

Answer:  Fill the car with gas.


December 4th

A million of these will be sold this year, and almost three quarters of them will never be used.  What?

Answer:  Exercise videos.


December 3rd

5-year-olds were asked what they liked least about thanksgiving; almost a quarter of them said WHAT?

Answer:  All the fighting and yelling.


December 2nd

Over half of the people surveyed said they would definitely re-gift this if they were given it this year.  What?

Answer:  Candles.