January 29th

Heidi Klum, Jay Leno, Seal & Pink have all done it.  What?

Answer:  They have all worked at McDonald's.


January 28th

A quarter of us have done it to someone we didn't know at all.  What is it?

Answer:  Take their picture.


January 27th

When college students were asked, who would be your perfect roomate, what was the #1 answer?

Answer: Mom. 


January 24th

Almost 70% ofus do this every time we buy a car.  What?

Answer:  Pay the sticker price.


January 23rd

It takes 175,000 cows to produce a year's worth of WHAT?

Answer:  Cheese for Pizza Hut pizzas.


January 22nd

Thirty years ago 20% of men said they didn't like it, now it's 50% of men that don't.  What is it?

Answer: Their bodies.


January 21st

About 10% of us say this has made us cry in the last year.  What is it?

Answer: Traffic.


January 20th

The average person has about 150 of these, but only really uses about 15.  What?

Answer:  Channels of television.


January 17th

A new reports suggests that in 10 years new cars won't have these.  What?

Answer: Keys.


January 16th

A third of us believe in this but only a third of those who believe, will tell someone about it.  What is it?

Answer: Astrology.


January 15th

The experts say 40% of us could say this is true, if we only knew. What is it?

Answer: We've nearly been in an accident due to cell-phoning or texting.


January 14th

The first meal eaten in this place was turkey.  Where is this place?

Answer:  The Moon.


January 13th

Two-thirds of us have never done it, but 1 in 4 of us do it once a year.  What?

Answer: Mooned someone.


January 10th

While 20% of men say they've forgotten this, so have 10% of women.  What is it?

Answer: Their Anniversary.


January 9th

Men are 3 times more likely to do this at the gym than women are.  What is it?

Answer:  Walk around the locker room naked.


January 8th

When you buy this, it's at least 10 years old.  What is it?

Answer:  A Christmas Tree. 


January 7th

If you're average, you'll use 57 of these today.  What?

Answer:  Squares of toilet paper.


January 6th

Americans spent almost $75 billion on these in 2013.  What?

Answer:  Weddings.