September 30th

2/3rds of Americans look forward to THIS everyday.  What is it?

Answer:  Going to work.



September 27th

A quarter of married men have asked their wife to do this in bed.  What is it?

Answer:  Go downstairs and check out a noise.


September 26th

Women think about this 5 times a day, while men think about it once every other day.  What?

Answer:  Grocery shopping.


September 25th

Nearly 20% of us hope we'll have done this by age 78.  What?

Answer:  Die.


September 24th

Four out of ten men say this is at the top of their bucket list.  What?

Answer:  Attend a Super Bowl.


September 23rd

One third of us say we do it every day.  What?

Answer:  Nap


September 19th

The average woman will have 111 of these in her lifetime.  What?

Answer:  Handbags or purses.


September 18th

Half of us have at least one in the bedroom.  What?

Answer:  A nightlight.


September 17th

More than 40% of parents say they only do this when the kids aren't around.  What?

Answer:  Watch cartoons.


September 16th

According to a New Study, the average 4 year old does this almost 50 times a day.  What?

Answer:  Ask "why".


September 13th

Americans eat more than a quarter million tons of this each year.  What?

Answer:  Yogurt.


September 12th

The average woman only does this 3 times a year.  What?

Answer: Stay in their pajamas all day.


September 11th

69% of women say they'd refuse to date a man who has WHAT?

Answer:  Grey Hair.


September 10th

Almost 40% of fantasy football players would give this up for the entire season to win their football league.  What?

Answer:  Beer.


September 9th

7 in 10 students say THIS helps them perform better academically.  What?

Answer:  A good luck charm.


September 6th

Doing this for more than 10 minutes at a time can lower your self-esteem.  What is it?

Answer: Looking in the mirror.


September 5th

30% of women say this is the most important thing they do every day.  What?

Answer:  Put on makeup.


September 4th

More than 1/2 of us did this as children and probably shouldn't have.  What?

Answer:  Cut our own hair.


September 3rd

One in five people say they almost never do it when they eat.  What?

Answer:  Sit down.