Early Tuesday morning deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Office were called to the Silver Dollar Tavern on a reported theft that had just occurred. The bar tender reported that Lydia Andryushchenko, age 27, of Salem, stole three money bags containing a total of almost $7000.00 cash.

During their investigation deputies learned that Andryushchenko is a regular at the bar and she was allowed to remain inside after the bar had closed for business. It was when the bar tender was distracted that Andryushchenko grabbed one of four bags of cash off of the bar and attempted to run out of the business.

Andryushchenko could not go far because the bar tender had locked the doors with a key and she could not get out. After a verbal confrontation between Andryushchenko and the bar tender, she put the money bag down on top of a pool table and agreed to leave.

The bar tender walked over to the doors to unlock them and at the same time Andryushchenko ran back over to the counter, grabbed the remaining three money bags and ran out the now unlocked doors.

After deputies viewed video footage and verified the bar tender's story, they went to  Andryushchenko's residence. At the residence, deputies were able to convince Andryushchenko to come outside, where ultimately they gained consent to go inside and recovered the stolen money.

Andryushchenko was arrested and charged with Theft in the First Degree and Robbery in the Third Degree.