Portland Police say Tim Walden has been found safe, thanks to the help from Port of Portland police.  Below is an earlier press release from the Portland Police Bureau, detailing the circumstances of his disappearance:

The Portland Police Bureau's Missing Persons Unit is asking for the public's help in locating 64-year-old Tim Walden, who was reported missing from his residential care facility, in the 10400 block of Southeast Cora Street, since about 3:00am this morning, April 11, 2014.

Walden suffers from a serious medical condition, which necessitates immediate care. He can sometimes seem quite lucid, or may seem altered and confused. He was last known to be on foot, and tends to walk very slowly.

East Precinct uniform officers have been working with Missing Persons Unit detectives to attempt to locate Walden, including conducting searches of the surrounding area. A specially trained, state-certified Search & Rescue K9 team is currently en route to assist in the search.

Detectives will also be activating the "A Child Is Missing" (ACIM) emergency, reverse phone notification system in the area, which will send out a pre-recorded message to listed landline phone numbers in the local area, advising of a missing person.

Walden is described as a white male, 64 years old, 5'9", weighing 180 pounds. He has short, salt/pepper gray hair, and brown eyes. He is missing a number of teeth; his clothing description is unknown.

Anyone who knows of Walden's whereabouts is asked to immediately call 9-1-1. Anyone with additional, non-emergency information about this case is asked to contact Detective Mike Weinstein, at 503-823-0446 or mike.weinstein@portlandoregon.gov.