Governor John Kitzhaber says 170,000 Oregonians have received insurance under the Affordable Care Act and the number of Oregonians without insurance has declined by 20%.

115,000 were enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan and 20,000 people have been enrolled in private insurance plans through Cover Oregon.

The applications had to be processed on paper, because the Cover Oregon website is not able to process applications. Kitzhaber says work continues to fix it, but he was not able to say when it will be working. He says it depends on progress toward fixing problems and testing the site to make sure it works correctly. He says they never should have set a date for when it would go live.

Kitzhaber says they believed between 30,000 and 50,000 people would sign up for private insurance and so far 20,000 people have been enrolled. That number will continue to grow, because 50,000 people have been approved to get a tax credit for private insurance.

Kitzhaber says they're trying to get federal approval to get the tax credit for people who are approved to get private insurance, but had to buy it on their own in January, because they couldn't get an application processed.

Oregon has hired an outside firm, First Data, to investigate what went wrong with the launch of the website and whether Oracle should be held responsible.