Amazon is preparing to test their Prime Air drone delivery system in Great Britain, dropping packages of five pounds or less on customer's doorsteps within 30 minutes of ordering.

Drone expert Jason Pederson of Space City Drones says they are clearing the biggest hurdle.  “These companies like Amazon are being allowed to do autonomous flights,” he tells KTRH News.  That means the pilot doesn't need to maintain sight contact.

Shopping expert Trae Bodge says drones are only going to make the online giant even bigger.  “Amazon has become kind of a ubiquitous thing, kind of how Band-Aid and Zip-Lock – it’s just become something that we all know,” she suggests.  Bodge says even older shoppers have migrated online to shop at Amazon, and it has changed their expectation of how soon their packages will arrive.  “We’ve become very demanding about how quickly it takes something to arrive because of being a Prime customer and things arriving in two days, or even one day,” she says.  The innovative shopping giant hopes to make drone deliveries standard in the U.S. one year from now.  Already, the retail leader has changed forever the way we approach shopping.  “It’s incredible just the way we look at Amazon and the way we look at shopping, and what we’ve come to expect out of shopping, in general.”


Amazon hopes to get drone delivery technology to the U.S. sometime next year.