Ohhh facebook, the land of quickly spread lies. The most recent, being an image (composed with tacky comic-sans-like font) claiming that you can call AAA and get a free ride home from the bar, nationwide. This is not the case.

Unless you live in a state or city marked in blue, you will not get to experience this cool feature. Please decide how you're getting home safely NOW, so we won't have to see your name in the news tomorrow. Here's a list of Portland's cab services.

Remember, the value of your life and other's exceeds the expense of a cab ride. Be safe and happy new year!

Radio Cab

One of two larger cab companies. They offer online reservations and their website has a coupon for $26 or $28.50 one-way between downtown Portland and PDX airport. Rated 3/5 on Yelp.

(503) 227-1212

Broadway Cab

One of the two larger taxi companies in Portland. Costs around $35 from downtown to the airport. Sometimes their drivers complain about taking credit cards.

(503) 227-1234

Green Cab

A smaller taxi company. $14 shuttle from downtown to the airport if you call in advance. Otherwise, it's around $25-30.

(503) 234-1414

Portland Taxi

A smaller taxi company. You can get a quote for your trip on their website and make reservations online. They offer discounts for returning customers.

(503) 256-5400

Blue Star Shuttle

This is a popular shuttle service that runs every 30 minutes from the airport. They are $14 one-way or $24 round-trip.

(503) 249-1837

Eagle Towncar

You can find them at the airport. It costs $50 one-way downtown to the airport. This town car rate is set by the city of Portland.

(503) 222-2763

White Van Shuttle

This is an airport shuttle service. $16 to a downtown hotel from the airport, or $25 downtown. Their rates are clearly listed in their website.

(503) 774-9755

Northwest Towncar

Another town car. Same $50 airport-to-downtown rate as the other town car services.

(503) 702-5999