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Celeste Perry


Is this Garden Sign Excessive?

My dog Veto was taking me on our usual walk around the neighborhood when I spotted what appeared to be a tiny tombstone. A wave of sadness washed over me, thinking that the people who...
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More Than Mean Tweets Harass Women In Sports

This PSA exposes the deep gender bias women sportscasters endure.  The men featured in the video did not write the tweets, they were recruited to read them.  
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Mattress Will Let You Know If Your Partner is Cheating On You.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you—in your own bed—there's a new mattress with built in sensors that will alert you to any suspicious activity.  I'm not...
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What's next for Chris Christie? Dancing with The Stars.

Chris Christie loves The Boss.    
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Stevie Nicks as "Substitute Teacher".

Stevie Nicks is the surprise substitute teacher at The School Of Rock.    
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Four Marines Fifty Years Later

They grabbed their boards and recreated a 50 year old memory.      
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Young Fan Gets Big Bruce Thrill (Video)

Bruce Springsteen closed his show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center by inviting a young fan onstage to sing along with her favorite song.   Bruce spotted her sign that...
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And then there was his guitar playing (Video)

Prince was one of the great guitar players of our time
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Hella and Revenge Porn are Now Official Words

See all the new words that made the Unabridged Merriam Webster Dictionary
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Celebrate Lei Day in Hawaii

Find out how could win a trip on Hawaiian Airlines
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