Nominated by parent, Jasmine Turner:

Angie Richen has been a teacher at Mt. Scott for 12 years. She loves family, being a mom, being a teacher, and spending time with her family. My son has low spectrum autism and he was having difficulties with his assigned teacher. Angie agreed to let him move to her classroom half- way thru the school year, even though she knew it would be a huge task to take on. She knew it would be in his best interest. She has been an angel to my son who is progressing so much more because of her. Schools don't give the same treatment to children with disabilities, but Angie does and is one of the few special ones. Ultimately it is her patience and willingness to work with his autism, and other problems. He can get very angry and she treats him in a way that he feels respected instead of belittled. She makes him feel safe and appreciated in her class. Since he has switched to her class his behavior has improved, his test scores and homework have improved greatly. Angie truly deserves to be named K103’s Educator of the Week!


Congratulations Angie, from all of us at K103!

What inspired you to become an educator?

My inspiration for becoming an educator was my second and fourth grade teachers. I couldn't wait to go to school each day because they made learning so much fun and easy for me learn something new. Even when I got home from school I would "play" school because I didn't want it to end.

What do you like most about teaching?

One thing I like most about teaching is I never "know it all," my students teach me something every day. They show me ways to make doing something simple, they aren't afraid to try even if they fail, and their creativity inspires me to never stop learning or trying something new.

What has changed the most since you began your career in education?

Technology has changed the most since I began my career in education. When I first started I didn't even have an computer. Now my students use iPads, laptops, or computers daily in class. I have had a steep learning curve because students know more than I do when comes to technology….. I find myself often telling my students that my keyboarding skills are so fantastic because one of my classes in high school was typing on an actual TYPEWRITER :)

What would you like parents to know about your job?

One thing I would like parents to know is that even though my work day is over at 3:15, every night I work on how I can improve lessons, change curriculum to fit the needs of all my students, worry about students enjoying school, and what I can do to inspire and motivate students to love learning in all subjects.

Share a favorite story about your years in education.

I will never forget my first year of teaching. I was so excited to show students how to be safe on the school bus by getting on a "real" bus and take a ride around the block. I must have mistakenly said something incorrectly because no less than 10 students starting crying telling me they didn't know their address or how to get to their house. I guess that would be one reason I only taught kindergarten for one year :)