Nominated by student Katelyn McCulloch:

Mr. Procive, or how most people know him as, Pro, is the best teacher you could ever have. Not only does he teach Washington State History, CWI, and US History, but he also coaches Mountain View High Schools league champ football team and track team. He cares about his students, and makes sure every single one of his students graduate when it's time. He is really an inspiration to me and many other students at MVHS. Pro is going to be that teacher I will come back to high school and visit, and one of those visits I'll be able to tell him that I graduated from college, and will then attend law school, and so on. Going to his class everyday is the best part of my day at school.

Congratulations Bob, from all of us at K103!

What inspired you to become an educator?
I was inspired to become a teacher by the great teachers I had in high school. By the time I was a junior, I knew I wanted be a teacher. They were great role models for me. I strive to be the type of teacher they were for my students.

What do you like most about teaching?
I enjoy the daily interaction with my students; helping them become life-long learners and positive members of their community. Learning should be fun and exciting and I try to bring that to my classes every day.

What has changed the most since you began your career in education?
The use of technology.

What would you like parents to know about your job?
I hope parents know that teachers try to bring their best effort every day. Our goal is the same as their goal. We want students to be successful and have a great high school experience.

Share a favorite story about your years in education.
My favorite stories are when former students come back to visit me and we talk about the things that they are doing and have accomplished. I know then that I have been successful as a teacher.