Nominated by student, Aaron Sha:

I'm a student of a wonderful teacher; his name is Christopher Miller. He is a wonderful 7th grade Humanities teacher who uses a variety of sources to make our class fun and educational. In the beginning we start our class by having Mr. Miller tell us what we will do that day. Without this, we would be totally clueless at what we would do for the hour. He gives complete thought to what we learn. Currently, we are doing a simulation on Feudal Japan! Each day, we use armies to conquer other castles. You may be wondering, where is the information? Well, all of the brilliantly collaborated information comes from fun-to-read essays, given to us by "scholars"; each essay studies a topic for that day. Mr. Miller is amazing! He has an ability to make, what could be boring, everyday book-work into entertaining and helpful projects. Please honor Mr. Miller!


Congratulations Christopher, from all of us at K103!

What inspired you to become an educator?

All the good teachers that I had growing up, as well as friends of mine that I greatly respect that were already in the profession as I began to think about changing careers, inspired me to become a teacher.

What do you like most about teaching?

I like so many aspects about my profession that it is hard to simply name one thing, but the most important thing is helping children and their families.

What has changed the most since you began your career in education?

The way we go about grading (using a standards-based grading system) has changed the most. Another thing that has changed is that there are less summer school opportunities and elective classes for students.

What would you like parents to know about your job?

Parents should know that they are the most important part of their child's education. Without their support and involvement, teachers and schools have an extremely difficult task in preparing students for their future.

Share a favorite story about your years in education.

Every day something funny, interesting, and/or touching happens. It is too hard to share one particular story. I am blessed that I have the opportunity to work with so many excellent teachers (more deserving of this award than myself) and wonderful students and families in the Beaverton School District.