You know, everyday life is challenging enough without the added and artificial stress of having to jerk ourselves out of bed an hour early every spring for the supposed purpose of "saving daylight." This relic of an agrarian past, when the kids came home from school to toil in the back forty, is not only irrelevant in today's world, it's destructive. Sleep is precious and this squanders an hour of it. Plus, our bodies run according to an internal clock that, when disrupted, affects everything from our mental acuity to our digestion. It's jet lag--without the fun of travel.

Isn't it time we bade farewell to this moldy old notion, and just settled on a time zone and stayed there?

We've set up a Facebook page that's subtly named "Daylight Time is Stupid" (it's the best we could do on short sleep). If you agree, please click HERE and "like" and "share." We'll try to get the attention of someone who can fix this. Thank you! I need a nap.