A few months ago, Andrew from Dallas ordered the most expensive drink ever at Starbucks with his $54.75 drink. Well, that ‘record’ has been topped by Sameera from Florida.


Sameera ordered a Frappuccino which included 60 shots of espresso, white mocha, hazelnut, soy milk and caramel syrup. Even though technically, Starbucks policy states a Frappuccino can’t be larger than 24 ounces…ummm this didn’t stop the barista. Her grand total for this mucho grande of a drink was $60.58 – but her rewards card brought is down to $57.75, still making it the most expensive ordered at Starbucks.

I know what you’re thinking…is she really drinking this at 11.02pm!?! (Check the bottom of the receipt – hahaha)