I will warn you, you may need a tissue after reading this incredibly sweet story about the kind gesture one university did for one of their graduating students and her family.


23-year-old daughter Brittany was set to graduate Saturday from Longwood University in Farmville and like most kids she wanted her father, 57 year old Bob Inge to be in attendance. The only thing is, Bob is dying from lung cancer.


Last week, doctors told him his cancer had progressed to stage four and gave him the option to either continue treatment at the hospital or go home and spend his final days with friends and family. Inge chose the latter.


Brittany said, “When I found out he was dying I decided I was not going to walk across the stage without him there…“He made my dreams come true. He paid for college out of his own pocket.”


Word of Bob Inge’s health and Brittany’s dilemma had reached Longwood University officials. They reached out to the Inge family, offering a special, private graduation ceremony so Bob could watch his daughter graduate.


“When they called me on Friday, I just started crying,” Brittany said. “At first my dad wanted to wait until Saturday, but once he realized there was a possibility he would not be there, he was more willing to do it early.”


On Monday morning Bob, Brittany and more than 20 other friends and family entered the Rotunda in the Ruffner Building to watch the special ceremony.