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Sriracha Lovers: YOU NEED THIS

If you're like me, you love spicy foods. Sometimes, there's not enough spice and for some reason, it's frowned upon to carry an entire bottle of Sriracha sauce in your purse. BUT!! Now there's...
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Guy Catches His Roommate Dancing

Rule number 1: Always make sure you're home alone before you do embarrassing stuff.
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Tightrope Walker Walks 500ft Above Chicago River

It took him six minutes 52 seconds to complete the first stage 500ft above the ground - in winds that were gusting at up to 25mph. He then completed the 94ft between the two Marina City Towers in...
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Fireball is SAFE to Drink!

PLEASE!! I beg you... Please stop believing everything you see on the internet without fact checking it first. I have NO idea WHY the "authors" of this article , this article , or this...
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Taylor Swift's 1989

It's no secret that I LOVE Taylor Swift... I met her a couple years ago and was just floored by how gracious and kind she is. I also fell in love with "Shake it Off" the moment I heard it, so...
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Powerful Storm to Hit Oregon on Saturday

All of us here at iHeartMedia Portland are HUGE fans of Frankie MacDonald. We love his passion for weather and thoroughness of his alerts! He just sent us a weather alert for a...
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Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating...Has Epic Break Up [Photos]

When this girl found out her boyfriend was texting his ex-girlfriend, she found a great way to break up with him. Better yet, she broadcasted it on twitter! (Yes, those screenshots came from the...
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What's Secretly Sexy About Men?

YES. Yes to pretty much all of this. Especially the clothing and touching our face/head while kissing. Boom.
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This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone without you noticing at all BUT there is a really simple way to prevent it from happening!
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My #ALSIceBucketChallenge

// Post by Kelsie Loos .   For more information on ALS + to donate, click here. "SC Featured" tells the story of former Boston College captain Peter Frates, who...
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