John Stamos Ruthlessly Dad-Shamed For How He Held His Baby

Celebrities who are also parents seem to face a lot of backlash any time they post photos of their kids. Few are able to put up a shot of their children without some form of mom-shaming, but it doesn't only happen with female stars - dads get hit with criticism too. It's something that new father John Stamos just learned after he posted an adorable pic of himself in Times Square with his three-month-old son Billy strapped into a baby carrier on his chest.

Many of the 54-year-old Full House actor's fans commented about how cute Billy is and how amazing John looks, but there are also plenty of comments that dad-shame him for how he chose to transport his child. 


There were lots of people who felt the need to tell John he is parenting wrong, explaining that he is mistaken in how he is carrying his son. 

Some people had other issues:

Thankfully, there were a lot of fans who focused on something far more important in the pic:

Even John's Full House co-star Bob Saget had something to say about the photo:

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Photo Credit: Getty


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