Retro Video: Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield dropped this video in 1981 and no girl with a heartbeat (and a Tiger Beat magazine) was ever the same. I remember being the only one not invited to a popular girls birthday sleepover (which was extra awkward because she lived RIGHT around the corner) And the next Monday at school they all talked about listening to Rick's album Working Class Dog nonstop.  Some girls might feel left out and insecure in this situation, not me. And yeah I'm some girls.   But I didn't hold it against Rick, whose poster I kissed every night after I put my retainer in and got into bed. 


Ricks domination continued in 1981 when he joined the cast of General Hospital. Long before Sonny and Carly, the stars of General Hospital were Luke and Laura...and this stud: Dr. Noah Drake.



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