Retro Video: Madonna's Lucky Star

When Madonna burst onto MTV with this video for Lucky Star millions of young girls ran home to emulate her incredibly cool new look. I remember being at Mike Prentice's house with a group of friends and MTV was on, I was standing in his living room riveted by what I saw on the screen. When I got home I upended drawers trying to find anything black that I could rip up. Because none of our mom's where going to buy a black top and let us cut it up we learned the trick of taking a black (or white) graphic tee and turning it inside out. (of course you then had to wear a ton of long necklaces to cover up the image that you could tell was underneath) God I LOVED THIS PHASE!  The lace, the crosses, the black jelly shoes. And those bracelets! As many black rubber bracelets as you could get on your arm without cutting off circulation. 



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