Rip City Go Fund Me To Show Nurkic How Much He's Loved, Want To Help?

Watching Sunday night's double overtime game between the Blazers and The Nets was exciting, filled with hopeful anticipation that THIS WOULD BE OUR YEAR. Even Charles Barkley, not the biggest Blazer fan, predicted a trip to the finals. And then a tragic accident happened, Blazer center Yusuf Nurkic crumbled to the ground in agony as teammates and fans looked on in shock and disbelief. He suffered a season-ending compound fracture. The good news is it is not a career ending injury, doctors who did his surgery say he will recover fully. Fans want to show the Bosnian Beast just how much Rip City loves him so they're raising money for billboard in Portland. They're almost halfway to the $8,000 goal. Donate to the Go Fund Me now to get that billboard up!


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