Bachelorette's Jed Was Dating Fellow Nashville Musician, Ghosted Her

This guy. Jed Wyatt, the Nashville musician from the Bachelorette appears to be a tool. And a Jerkwad. Let's dive deeper shall we? He was "allegedly" dating fellow musician Haley Stevens in Nashville when he got the call to do the show. He told her it was just to advance his career and stop living off his parents. That he just wanted to make the top 5 to elevate his profile. He even took her to the Bahamas right before leaving for LA and told her he loved her for the first time. Then that was it. Never spoke to her again.

She was worried but knew she couldn't talk to him as all contestants have to hand over their phones while filming. But then he never called when he returned to Nashville. One day she runs into him at an event...

Do you think he's shady, was he using her in case the show didn't work out? Or is this just her side of the story and he's really a great guy?


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