Kid Interrupts His Reporter Mom Live On MSNBC

Since Wednesday was Yom Kippur, many schools were off and some parents were left figuring out their child care options for the Jewish holiday. A handful chose to bring their children with them to work, a decision that sometimes works out well but other times... not so much. The kids might annoy co-workers or break something in the office or, in the case of NBC News correspondent Courtney Kube, crash a live report.

Kube was appearing on MSNBC to discuss the Turkish airstrikes in Syria. While delivering the news, her four-year-old son wandered over to his mom and excited saw that he too was on TV. He smiled than started touching his mom to get her attention.

Ever the professional, Kube kept going with her report, losing her train of thought for a moment but only pausing to say, "Excuse me, my kids are here. Live television."

The picture cut away from Courtney and showed a map, but Courtney went on delivering the news as a voiceover.

Here's another clip that shows her son's entrance.

It's not the first time something like this has happened. A BBC reporter went viral when his kids interrupted his report live on the air and others have suffered the same fate.

Photo: Twitter/MSNBC