Blazers Releasing Greatest Hits on Vinyl for 50th Anniversary

The Portland Trailblazers are releasing this Rip City soon-to-be classic: a 50th Collection of the Blazers Greatest Hits on vinyl! (when you purchase the vinyl you'll also get digital download copies of the songs)

If you're from Portland or have ever been a Blazer fan chances are you know at least one of these songs by heart. Like Bust A Bucket featuring Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, Kevin Duckworth and Buck Williams. Or Can I Get A Headband featuring the song's inspiration Bonzi Wells as well as Damon Stoudamire. I was incredibly lucky to be part of the Z100 Morning Zoo during this era and somehow I snuck into the recording session with Bonzi and Damon. A day I will remember always.

This gorgeous commemorative vinyl album goes on sale this Saturday at 70's Night, the first "Decade Night" vs. Philadelphia 76'ers (whom The Blazers beat to win the championship in 1977) at the Rip City Clothing Co. The general public on-sale is Tuesday Nov. 5 exclusively at Rip City Clothing Co. starting at 11am. These will sell out so get one! All net proceeds go to the Trail Blazers Foundation to help local community organizations.

Track List:

1) BlazerMania (1977) – D.D. Albritton

2) Bust a Bucket (1992) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo, Dan Reed

3) Rip City Rhapsody (1990) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

4) 1,2,3 Go Rip City (1991) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

5) BlazerTown (1993) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

6) Can I Get a Headband? (2000) – Portland Trail Blazers, Z100 Morning Zoo

7) Blazers Theme Song (2018) – Portugal. The Man

Jordan Kent, Blazers Studio TV Host

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