Stacey Watched Netflix Christmas Movies For You

Not ready for Christmas movies just yet? I got you. I watched a couple from the new lineup of original Christmas movies Netflix has launched this year to take on The Hallmark Channel.

The two I watched were Christmas In The Wild and Let It Snow.

Christmas In The Wild

I mean Rob Lowe? And Sex and the City’s Kristen Davis plus the visually stunning backdrop of Africa is a great start. In fact I feel like the love story is more with Africa. But these two are vets unlike most of the up-and-coming actors of Hallmark (nothing but love for Hallmark's formula) So Kristen's character's only son leaves for college and her husband drops the bomb that he wants a divorce just as she tells him she booked them a second honeymoon in Africa. She decides to go it alone and I don't want to ruin anything but Rob Lowe is in Africa. (As if it the scenery isn't pretty enough.) Long story short I would've liked more relationship-building but it's absolutely worth the time if you love either of these actors. Or if you love elephants. However if you're looking for a Christmas movie that looks like HGTV decorated every surface with Christmas this ain't that. But it's worth watching for sure. Did I mention Rob Lowe? Ok

Let It Snow

If there was a movie that could convince your tweens/teens to sit down and watch a Christmas movie with you this is it. Let It Snow, from the 2008 YA book of the same name, stars mostly unknown but really great young actors. The face you will recognize is Spidey's best friend from the Marvel (now Sony) movies, Jacob Batalon. It follows three love stories (including a gay relationship which wasn't in the book but the author loves) with relatable moments that I kept thinking my twin 13 year old boys would be into. Nailed it Netflix!

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