Twitter Slams Jim Carrey For Telling Reporter She's On His Bucket List

Jim Carrey is currently being dragged on Twitter after making an inappropriate remark toward a female reporter.

According to Us Weekly, the 58-year-old was speaking at a press junket this past Tuesday (February 11) to promote his upcoming movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, when he made a cringe-worthy comment during an on-camera interview with Charlotte Long of Heat magazine.

Apparently, Long mentioned “a bucket list” the character Sonic has in the movie based on the video game franchise of the same name, which prompted her to ask Carrey, “I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?”

That’s when the actor offered the brazen response, “Just you. That’s it. It’s all done now.” Covering her mouth to contain her laughter, Long said, “Wow, I don’t know what to say to that!” to which Carrey quipped back with a chuckle, “just own it.”

As it turns out, Long initially posted the clip on her social media but took it down after commenters expressed their outrage over Carrey’s remark. While Long found Carey’s remark amusing enough to share, Twitter did not.

“WAIT, he is not a comedian, he believes he is, but once an ass—e, always an ass-h—e,” one user tweeted. “Unfortunately it turns out Jim Carrey is a massive sleazebag,” wrote another.

"Such a huge [fan] of @JimCarrey but lost respect for him today," another disappointed fan tweeted. "This is really unacceptable, I wish and hope he apologizes to you. But you handled it really well, more Power to you!"

Despite the heat Carrey has been catching online, others thought his comment was taken out of context, as one user wrote in his defense: "For the people who obviously didn’t read the article. He says “Just you! That’s it, I’m all done now!” So I’m assuming he means being interviewed by her since he finished it with, I’m all done now."

"Cue all the heroes acting offended for the poor woman who was clearly NOT offended," another user wrote of the outrage.

See these tweets and more reactions to Carrey's remark below.

Photo: Getty Images