Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Dad Drives 1,100 Miles to Stranded Daughter

Thank you to Marty in Beaverton for sharing today's Happy News.

Vinay Patel’s daughter was stranded in Denver on Dec. 24. After two days of delays and cancellations, then being re-booked on a flight for New Year's Eve, Patel and his wife got in their car and drove 1,100 miles through a winter storm to Colorado.

Southwest canceled roughly 300 flights at Southern California airports Thursday, and well over 2,000 nationwide.

The airline has placed a lot of blame on the winter storm, but Southwest pilots and flight attendants say the cancellations have nothing to do with weather, but rather an outdated computer system.

Unions say they warned Southwest before the meltdown, and the airline is now under scrutiny from lawmakers and federal regulators.

Vinay said he couldn't sit back while his daughter was alone in a city where she didn't know anyone and with no guarantee Southwest Airlines would get their act together.

He said he would've left a day earlier and his daughter should've been home by now if Southwest had communicated better.

He said the worst part is how his daughter was stranded, and now they only have a limited amount of time together before the holidays end.

Patel said he would do it again 100 times if he had to.

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