Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Granddaughter Finds Hidden Treasure, $4k Cash

Thank you to Melanie in Vancouver for this Happy News.

Katie Toole, 36, has shared on TikTok how she discovered a tin behind her late grandfather's fireplace containing $4,000 and a whole bunch of keepsakes.

Her grandfather, Alcus Burke, died last year aged 98. While Katie was cleaning out his home, she remembered a conversation they had once had.

She was getting his house cleaned up to get ready to put it for sale and she remembered him saying that if something happens to him, to make sure to look behind the fireplace, but he never said why.

So she opened up the fireplace, took off the vent, and found a little door that led to the back: "It was stuck and she couldn't get it to budge at first. It actually took her a few days to get it open.

She found her great grandfather's pocket watch, World War II photos, an old harmonica, an old fishing lure, a tiny triangle folded flag, and $4,000.

She was amazed by the haul and instantly started sharing her find on TikTok where viewers were equally impressed as her videos have wreaked up millions of views.

BTW, her grandfather was a gunner during World War II and was the last survivor of his squadron. Some of the vintage photographs included shots of her grandfather as a young man and pictures of gunner planes.

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