Stacey & Mike's Happy News: UPS Driver Saves Woman After Fall

Thank you to Jeffrey in Portland for sharing this one with us!

A woman has a UPS driver to thank for saving her life after she fell into a creek last week and couldn’t stand up.

76-year-old Mariann Rott was taking the trash to her burn barrel when she lost her balance and fell into her backyard creek. She crawled out and spent 45 minutes stuck laying down in the ice and snow. She said her legs were numb and her clothes were dripping with water.

Mariann heard a UPS truck pull up to her home and screamed for help after driver Patrick Shore dropped off a package.

Patrick heard Mariann’s cries and ran to help, but when she couldn’t stand up he carried her to the garage, wrapped her in blankets and waited for first responders after her husband Randy Rott called 911.

Patrick has worked for UPS for 40 years and he might not be used to carrying a human being, but he is in charge of safety instruction during the crew’s morning meetings. He credits this type of training with being able to jump into action so quickly.

He said a UPS driver serves the community beyond package delivery and that he and Mariann would stay in touch.

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