Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Dog Rescued After Living With Wolves

Thank you to Ben in Hillsboro for this story.

A dog was rescued in Nevada after spending at least 7 months living in the wild with a pack of coyotes.

Susan McMullen of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team said the white dog, named Ghost, was first spotted traveling with a pack of coyotes in July. Neighbors in the area documented sightings of the Ghost, who was occasionally recorded by trail cameras and home security cameras.

Susan said Ghost may have been a pet abandoned by his owner. But she began to worry for his safety when he was recently seen limping, which might have put Ghost at risk with the rest of the pack. Ghost was successfully captured last week, when he walked into a crate baited with food. And he's dealing with an ear infection, eye infection, skin issues, a broken toe that needs to be amputated and scarring from old fights but he is safe now and able to be treated.

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