Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Life Changing Trip To Lowe's For Kiddo

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When Lowe’s employee Dave Urban came across the Getty family in the PVC aisle, he thought he would be helping them find the right fittings or something like that.

It was after he heard what was being built, and who it was being built for, that he took the time to do more than just help.

As it turned out, The Getty family was building parallel bars to help their son William, who was born prematurely, at just 23 weeks. He has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and one of their goals for William was to get him to practice walking.

So inspired by young Will, Dave ended up spending half an hour cutting and fitting the PVC right there in the store, ensuring that everything was perfect to help Will get started finding his feet in the world.

The whole family saw how much it meant to Dave, and quickly made a lasting friend out of the man, who himself said the experience rewarded him “100 times back.”

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