Wanna be the most irritating person at work?


• You’re Unprepared: Showing up for meetings, interviews or arranged work sessions without the equipment or data that you need demonstrates a lack of respect for your coworkers and yourself. And it wastes time.

• You’re Not a Team Player: There’s nothing more annoying than watching somebody do a crossword puzzle while you’re buried in work. And if a coworker needs a little time off to run an important errand, be flexible and help out when you can.

• You’re Not Self-Reliant: Only ask for help when you really need it. Try everything you can to solve your own problem before involving somebody else.

• You Smell: Your scent is important, especially when you’re working in a small, poorly ventilated space with lots of other people around. Be considerate of your neighbors by taking care not to generate strong smells that will permeate their space. Use the colognes sparingly, avoid onions at the office, and if you smoke, let yourself air off before coming back inside.

• You’re Loud: Loud conversations can be offensive, so try to keep your voice low and even.

• You’re Unhealthy: If you’re sick, stay home. If you have the sniffles or must come in, cover your mouth and do whatever you can to avoid infecting your coworkers.

• You Walk Like an Elephant: Try to move around the office quietly to avoid disturbing the people around you. And if you must speak to another colleague, keep your voice down.

• Your Phone Is Always On: Your phone has vibrate mode, so use it.

• You Shake Hands Like a Fish and Avoid Eye Contact: A firm handshake, a little eye contact and a friendly smile can go a long way.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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