Nearly Impossible Question - March 2017


March 31st

14% of adults say they never, ever do WHAT?

Answer:  Lie.


March 30th

When stressed women hold one of THESE, brain scans show signs of immediate relief.  What are they holding?

Answer:  One of their husband's hands.


March 29th

The average couple gets together to do it about three times a week.  What?

Answer:  Google search something together.


March 28th

As of right now there are only 6 of these in the U.S, and only 18 more in the rest of the world.  What are they?

Answer:  Time zones.


March 27th

If you're average, you have almost 40 of these.  What?

Answer:  Online accounts.


March 24th

70% of Americans have only seen 10 or fewer of them.  What?

Answer:  U.S. States.


March 23rd

The average mom is going to say it 120 times this year.  What is it?

Answer:  Clean your room.


March 22nd

Almost 20% of us identify THIS as our favorite household chore.  What is it?

Answer:  Taking out the trash.


March 21st

Heads up guys!  If you put on one of THESE today, more than a third of women will think you're a tool.  What is it?

Answer:  A Bluetooth on your ear.


March 20th

Almost 6 in 10 people can't remember it.  What?

Answer: Their first kiss.


March 17th

Every hour there are 240 million new WHAT?

Answer:  M & M's.


March 16th

75% of women do THIS before Spring Break.  What is it?

Answer:  Go tanning.


March 15th

Every day in the US it happens 11 million times. What?

Answer: A meeting begins.


March 14th

By age 44 more than 80% of women have done what?

Answer:  Given birth.


March 13th

Until the age of six, about 80% of children’s dreams are about what?

Answer:  Animals.


March 10th

 Almost 10% of women admit that they've done this while working out. What?

Answer:  Shop online.


March 9th

There’s a 60% chance you’ll do it this weekend. What?

Answer: Pay bills.


March 8th

Almost half of us believe we've landed a job in part because of what?

Answer:  Lucky underwear.


March 7th

Almost 20% of men do it at least once a year without their wife’s knowledge. What?

Answer:  Gamble


March 6th

When you buy this you pay a 900% markup. What?

Answer: Movie theatre popcorn


March 3rd

Over a lifetime the average person will spend more than 15 months doing this. What?

Answer: Deciding what to watch on TV


March 2nd

Almost 70% of pet owners have done this for their pet. What?

Answer: Signed their name on a greeting card


March 1st

Americans owe a combined $1.16 trillion for what?

Answer: Our cars.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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