Nearly Impossible Question - July 2017

July 31st

In a survey almost 75% of us said that our national food should be bacon, but 15% said it should be WHAT?

Answer:  Turkey.

July 28th

A man is 40% more likely than a woman to do THIS on a business trip.  What?

Answer:  Feel homesick.

July 27th

If you're applying for a job, doing this to yourself can improve your chances of success by almost 20%.  What?

Answer:  Whitening your teeth.   

July 26th

Almost 1/3 of women say that they've cried while doing it. What?

Answer:  While coloring their hair.

July 25th

According to a new survey, the perfect summer includes two WHAT?

Answer:  Trips to an amusement park.

July 24th 

60% of us do it every day.  What?

Answer:  Take a multi-vitamin.

July 21st 

More than 3/4 of guys exaggerate when they talking about WHAT?

Answer:  How good they were in sports.

July 20th

By the time they become a teenager, your kid will have done this 17 times.  What?

Answer:  Scrape a knee.

July 19th

1/3 of us admit that we've done this in a pool.  What?

Answer:  Belly flop.

July 18th

In the 50's our grandparents did it 15 minutes a day.  We only do it for 5 minutes now.  What?

Answer:  Laugh.

July 17th

It takes women 40% longer to do it than men.  What?

Answer:  Decide what to order in a restaurant.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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