Nearly Impossible Question - February 2018

February 28th

More than half of men say doing it makes them sleepy.  Doing what?

Answer:  Getting a haircut.

February 27th

Almost half of us won't have a meal at home unless THIS is at the table.  What?

Answer:  Our cell phone.

February 26th

What does the "GOO" in the candy "Goo Goo Clusters stand for?

Answer:  Grand Ole Opry.

February 23rd

Two-thirds of all American babies this year had this happen to them within an hour of birth.  What is it?

Answer:  Their picture was posted on social media.

February 22nd

Almost 40% of women say they'll get their haircut for THIS.  What?

Answer:  For a new driver's license picture.

February 21st

Research says today is the #1 day of the week for people to WHAT?

Answer:  Play hooky from work.

February 20th

A study shows that when their team loses the Super Bowl the city shows a huge increase in WHAT?

Answer:  Broken cell phones.

February 16th

In Denmark it’s 112; in Hong Kong 999; in New Zealand 111; in Colombia 123. What is it?

Answer: Their versions of the 9-1-1 system.

February 15th

The US hasn’t had one but Israel, Denmark, Brazil, India, Germany, Britain and Argentina have. What?

Answer: A female leader.

February 14th

It happens almost 6,000 times a day in America.  What is it?

Answer:  Someone gets married.

February 13th

Half of all the fuel purchased by the U.S. Government goes where?

Answer:  To the U.S. Airforce.

February 12th

A new survey found Pizza was the top food that caused you to break your new year's resolution; what's #2?

Answer:  Chinese food.

February 9th 

On average, married adults do it about 6 times a week.  What is it?

Answer:  Kiss.

February 8th

Almost 1/2 of all parents say they hope their kids don't follow in their footsteps when it comes to THIS.  What?

Answer:  Driving.

February 7th

A little more than 1/2 of us admit that we do THIS when we go to the doctor.  What?

Answer:  Lie.

February 6th

3 out of 5 of us have done THIS on social media.  What is it?

Answer:  Lied about relationship status.

February 5th

A new survey says we think THIS is the most annoying thing about our spouse.  What is it?

Answer:  Selective hearing.

February 2nd 

In a study of dreams, falling is the #1 reccurring dream we have, being chased is #2...what's #3?

Answer:  Being back in school.

February 1st

Almost 40% of us say that we would have a higher opinion of a co-worker if they did THIS.  What?

Answer:  Bring donuts

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