What Janine Says You Need to Be Watching on TV, if You're Not Already

It took me forever to upgrade my cable subscription, but I admit, after I did...life is better.  I watch a lot of network TV because there's some really good stuff like, Grey's Anatomy Chicago PD & Fire, Empire, Blacklist, and I could go on.  I would also say, "Good Behavior" on TNT starring Michelle Dockery of "Downton Abbey" fame, but it looks like it may be cancelled after two seasons...but they are SO worth watching.  Here are a few on cable that I love, that you might want to try if you haven't yet:

"Killing Eve" - BBC America  With its first season ending, it earned 8 Emmy Nominations including for the star, Grey's Anatomy alum, Sandra Oh.  It takes place in England where Sandra plays, Eve, a bored MI5 Security Officer, (a government position as a Secret Intelligence Service officer) who'd much rather be a spy.    She gets involved with tracking a Russian (I think) assassin named Villanelle played by the AMAZING English actress, Jodie Comer (who I'd never seen before).  Villanelle is a psychotic killer who if you're like me, can't help but REALLY like...she's fascinating.  These two ladies are obsessed with each other and the stuff that happens is just plain bizarre and mesmerizing at the same time!  Watch it!

"The Affair" - HBO  Stars Maura Tierney among others.  It's very psychological and shows how affairs impact so many people's lives...the "ripple effect".  But what I really like about it is it examines the same thing of what happens, from two different perspectives.  Talk about screwed up people and "he said, she said"!

"Queen Sugar" - OWN  Oprah has some good programming on her network, but this show is the standout for me...of everything I watch.  No big names, but an amazing cast of fine actors, some you've seen before.  It's the story of an estranged, southern family who reunite after their father/brother dies.  This is one of the strongest shows about what it means to be "family" that I've ever seen, and they tackle many real issues:  infidelity...racism...lupus...and so many other things that "real" families deal with.  I can't recommend this one enough.  I cry every episode!

"Billions" - Showtime  Stars Paul Giamatti (they had me right there), and Damian Lewis from "Homeland".  Talk about cut-throat...politics...big business...corruption..."oh my".  Takes place in New York with Giamatti as the shrewd, devious U.S. Attorney who wants to take down Lewis' Bobby Axelrod, the "king of the hedge fund", who Giamatti's wife just happens to work for.  They are exactly alike, but don't know it.  How can I like these two guys?

"The Deuce" - HBO  I admit I only started watching this because I saw that Maggie Gyllenhaal was in it, but now I've become a James Franco fan because of it.  DON'T EVER WATCH THIS WHEN THE KIDS ARE AROUND!  It takes place in the early '70s in the heart of Times Square, New York City.  It's basically about how the porn industry started, but it's culturally rich at the same time.  After the first episode, I wasn't sure that I could stick with it because it is so depressing.  But after the second episode, I found it historically interesting and actually educational.  For now I'm sticking with it...and pray that wardrobe will get the characters who are supposed to be wearing their own hair, BETTER WIGS!  

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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