The Halloween Candy Invented by Accident - National Candy Corn Day!

National Candy Corn Day is today. Really. There is one. 

I have always believed it was an accident. I think the plastics industry was trying out a new process for a guitar pick and when it came out it was so garish they had to improvise what to do with it.

On the show today comic Lewis Black says it's wrong to call it "Candy Corn" as it tastes neither like candy or corn. It tastes like something made of oil. All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1914 and they never had to make any more because no ever eats more than one or two pieces before throwing it out. Then the candy corn cartel sends out its minions to retrieve the discarded candy corn, wash it off and re bag it. 

We think when it first came out of the press they were confused as to how to market this incredibly ugly product. They finally decided to pretend it was a candy.

Geez these things are ugly. Stack em up over there until we figure out what to do with em.

Wait a minute. What does THAT look like? I know! Let's use some high fructose corn syrup in it and call it....CANDY CORN!

Enjoy Candy Corn Day, and remember if you don't get any this year - the same bag will probably be there next year!


Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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