Nearly Impossible Question - November 2018

November 29th

Experts on consumer spending say when you shop with one of these, you spend 40% more than you planned on spending.

Answer:  A child.

November 28th 

One in five of us, don't know this about ourselves.  What is it?

Answer:  Our precise height.

November 27th

One in four of us will buy one in preparation of the holiday season.  What is it?

Answer:  A pair of stretchy pants.

November 26th

Two out of three men think they can do it.  What is it?

Answer:  Land a commercial plane.

November 21st

You'll eat 22 pounds of what this year?

Answer:  Tomatoes. More than half this amount is eaten in the form of ketchup and tomato pasteCooking.

November 20th

More than a quarter of us believe this is true about our cars. It is not. What?

Answer:  that a car's color influences insurance cost.

November 16th

Wives do this 12 times as often as husbands, but only half of wives think they do it better than their husbands. What?

Answer:  Cooking.

November 15th

Almost 15% of homeowners say they've never been there. Where?

Answer: In their attic.

November 14th

When this product first hit stores, Sears refused to carry it because it was too sexy.  What was it?

Answer:  Barbie Doll.

November 13th

It happens a lot, this year it happened 4.2 billion times in August alone.  What is it?

Answer:  A robo call is placed.

November 12th

Almost 1/3 of us are planning to do this to get some extra Christmas money.  What is it?

Answer:  Cash in collected pocket change.

November 9th

It'll take 7 months, but in that time we'll drink a billion gallons of WHAT?

Answer:  Coca Cola.

November 8th

If you're average you'll do this 210 times in your life.  What is it?

Answer:  Cut yourself shaving.

November 7th

The average person uses one or the other of these 10 times a day.  What could it be?

Answer:  Trash or recycling bin.

November 6th

In a survey men said THIS is their least favorite clothing.  What?

Answer:  A tuxedo.

November 5th

45% of people say you should not do this with a co-worker.  What is it?

Answer:  Be Facebook friends.

November 2nd

Every five minutes the world consumes 2 million, 83 thousand, 3 hundred and 33 of WHAT?

Answer:  Cups of coffee.

November 1st

The average person will eat two miles of this in their lifetime.  What is it?

Answer:  Licorice.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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