What you think you know about colds is (probably) wrong!

SWEAT IT OUT — Doesn’t work. The only benefit this may have is to make you feel a little better (because it addresses the symptoms). 

FLU SHOT DANGERS — Many believe that you can catch a flu from the flu injection. This myth comes about from the misconception that the flu vaccine contains aweakened form of the flu virus. The vaccine actually includes only components of the virus, and not a complete version of it. Therefore, you won’t catch the flu from a flu shot.

WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM — A weakened immune system does not heighten the risks of catching a cold. Healthy and unhealthy people exhibit the same amount of susceptibility to colds in studies that have been done. Interestingly, the same study found that 95% of people who had the cold virus directly applied to their nasal membranes became infected, but only 75% of them exhibited any symptoms of the cold. This is called an “asymptomatic infection”. 

VITAMIN C — It is a myth that loads of vitamin c and zinc help to stave off (or cure) a cold. While it is often a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplements, they have no effect on the cold virus. Once the cold hits, you are better off taking painkillers and waiting it out.

WINTER COLDS — Myth: most colds are caught in the Winter. Fact: most colds are caught in the Spring/Fall seasons and not Winter at all. This is because the virus becomes much more active in those seasons and seems to become largely dormant in the Winter.

DON’T DRINK MILK — Some think that drinking milk while you have a cold is a bad idea because it causes more mucous to build up. It doesn’t.

COLD KISSING — The reality is that the quantity of virus on the lips and mouth are minuscule and a much larger dose would be required for you to become infected. It is the nasal mucous you have to worry about — so no nose-kissing.

BEING COLD CAUSES YOU TO GET A COLD — You catch a cold when you come into contact with the cold virus —once the virus gets into your system you will get sick. It doesn’t matter if you are hot, cold, warm, or dry.

STARVE A FEVER — The fact is, it’s completely untrue. Eating has no negative impact on the body when you are sick. In fact, the opposite is true. Food provides the body with fuel to cope with illness — so when we are sick, it’s a good idea to eat healthy and well.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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