Nearly Impossible Question - January 2019

January 17th

Every day almost 70,000 people do it for the first time. What?

Answer: use the internet

January 16th

Almost 60% of all football injuries involve what?

Answer: a players knee

January 15th

When moving into a new home 1 in 4 of us immediately replace this. What?

Answer: the toilet seat

January 14th

Men - if you want to live up to 7 years longer, do THIS. What?

Answer: get married

January 11th

In a recent survey men were asked to name the sexiest woman of all time. This is the #1 answer. Who is it?

Answer: their wife

January 10th

Almost half of all men have flirted with a woman with THIS profession. What?

Answer: bank teller

January 9th

This human body part is 70% fat. What?

Answer: the brain

January 8th

Married men do it slower than single men. What?

Answer: walk

January 7th

Half of singles say they won't date someone who drinks....what?

Answer: instant coffee

January 4th

One third of all the fresh water in the world is located here. Where?

Answer: Canada

January 3rd

Worldwide three quarters of a million dollars worth of these are stolen from grocery stores. What?

Answer: shopping carts

January 2nd

Two thirds of women say when their partner does this, it's more romantic than being gifted a handbag. What?

Answer: when their partner wakes them with a cup of coffee in the morning

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