Nearly Impossible Question - February 2019

February 1st

There are two jobs where 95% of the workforce is female; one is Kindergarten Teacher, what's the other?

Answer: Dental Hygienist.

February 4th

61% of us have had to go to a doctor because we had THIS. What is it?

Answer: Nearsightedness.

February 5th

Almost 40% of Americans are driving around with a spare set of THESE in their car. What are they?

Answer: Pants.

February 6th

More than 1/3 of us admit that we've spent the night there...where?

Answer: In our car.

February 7th

It's not your imagination, drivers are doing it 12% more often than they did 5 years ago. What is it?

Answer: Honking their horns.

February 8th

Oregon only has 11 of these remaining, but the state of Maine has 62. What are they?

Answer: Light houses.

February 11th

If you were an average person you'd consume 134 of these this year, and every year. What are they?

Answer: Pounds of sugar.

February 12th

20% of men say they are jealous of their best friends WHAT?

Answer: Hair.

February 13th

49% of Americans will do THIS tomorrow. What is it?

Answer: Treat their pets on Valentine's Day.

February 14th

8 million Americans admit they do THIS on Valentine's Day. What is it?

Answer: Give themselves something for Valentine's Day.

February 15th

Experts say the happiest couples hardly ever do THIS. What?

Answer: Post pictures of themselves on social media.

February 18th

The average person stops doing THIS at age 41. Stops doing what?

Answer: Exercising.

February 19th

We know a place where 20% of women have left it in tears. Where is it?

Answer: The Salon.

February 20th

Believe it or not, the average person eats 50 pounds of THIS each year. What?

Answer: Lettuce.

February 26th

74% of adults say that they do THIS during religious services. What?

Answer: Day dream.

February 27th

50% of adults have one in their bedroom. What is it?

Answer: A night light.

February 28th

75% of us do THIS in the shower. What?

Answer: Wash from top to bottom.

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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