Nearly Impossible Question - March 2019

March 29th

More than half of the world supply of these come from China. What are they?

Answer: Pencils.

March 28th

93% of dog owners say their dog can perform THIS trick. What's the trick?

Answer: Smile.

March 27th

Almost 20% of us have seenTHIS at a wedding. What is it?

Answer: A dog was part of the ceremony.

March 26th

The average person does this almost a half a million times over their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Laugh out loud.

March 25th

68% of people did this over the weekend, even though they didn't mean to. What is it?

Answer: Binge watch a TV show.

March 22nd

Sales of THESE go up at least 50% every Spring. What are they?

Answer: Pre-packaged salads.

March 21st

Not everybody does it, but 99% of the people who do, will do so by age 40. What?

Answer: Go to jail.

March 20th

46% of people in the world have something in common. What is it?

Answer: Type O blood.

March 19th

On average, women are 20% better at THIS than men. What?

Answer: Smelling things.

March 18th

Thirteen countries have this in common; some of them are Ecuador, Brazil, Uganda and Kenya. What is it?

Answer: The Equator passes through them.

March 15th

The average person loses 22 of these over their lifetime.

Answer: Sunglasses.

March 14th

There are currently over 160 brands of it on store shelves. What is it?

Answer: Toothpaste

March 13th

70% people who are driving right now are doing what?

Answer: Speeding!

March 12th

Cat owners are much more likely to do THIS than dog owners.What?

Answer:Leave something for them in their will.

March 11th

A quarter of Americans didn't do THIS even once in 2018.What was it?

Answer:Read a book.

March 8th

Every second in the United States, 570 of these are thrown away.What are they?


March 7th

During a lifetime, the average American will see between 12 and 15 of these in person.What?


March 6th

77% of people who have master's degrees do this, compared to 55% who have a high school diploma or less.What is it?

Answer:Read on the toilet.

March 5th

According to a recent survey, THIS is the #1 thing your neighbor has, that you want.What is it?

Answer: a greener lawn.

March 4th

While men say they like it as much as women, they do it far less than them. Women do it at least three times a month; men less than once a month. What?

Answer:Light a candle.

March 1st

More than 620 million gallons of IT are sold in the U.S. every year.What is it?

Answer:Orange Juice.

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