Here's the most mispronounced word in the world!

One academic recently argued that the most brazenly mangled word in the world is “karaoke,” which means “empty orchestra” in Japanese.Most people pronounce “karaoke” as “care-ee-oh-key.”

But, if we were to pronounce it properly, we would say the “kara” part the same way we do in “karate” (which, for the record, is pronounced kah-rah-tay, not ka-ra-tee). The “oke” is actually a shorter version of the Japanese word for orchestra, ōkesutora, and sounds like “okay.”The correct pronunciation? That would be “kah-rah-oh-kay.”This corroborates with the information on a website about traveling in Japan, which says that if you’re looking for a karaoke bar, “people may not know what you’re searching for if you [say care-ee-oh-key]…instead, you should say, “kah-rah-oh-kay.”

Oh and by the way, this is not a you-kuh-lay-lee

Young woman playing ukulele

That's an oo-koo-lay-lay.

Now go win some bar bets!

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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