Nearly Impossible Question - April, 2019

April 30th

The average woman has $500 worth of THIS. What?

Answer:Unworn clothing.

April 29th

Experts say Monday is the best day to buy this. What is it?

Answer: A car.

April 26th

In 1937 the grocery business was revolutionized by Sylvan Goldman’s simple invention that we use even today. What?

Answer: Grocery carts.

April 25th

The first U.S. President that had one of these was Ronald Reagan. What was it?

Answer: A website.

April 24th

Almost 60% of us consider ourselves to be amazing at this. What is it?

Answer: Kissing.

April 23rd

92% of rain falls WHERE?

Answer: Into one of the world's oceans.

April 22nd

When having a conversation, women do this 15% more frequently than men. What?

Answer: Make eye contact.

April 19th

1/3 of us say watching THIS, puts us in a better mood. What is it?

Answer: Watching a sunset.

April 18th

According to a study, women have four times as many problems with these as men. What is it?

Answer: Their feet.

April 17th

What famous company's logo is nick-named "Larry"?

Answer: Twitter.

April 16th

It's the #1 food in people's dreams. What is it?

Answer: Chocolate.

April 15th

Over 30% of guys use THIS because they think it makes them look better. What is it?

Answer: Hairspray.

April 12th

Name two of the top three most recognizable smells. What are they?

Answer: Peanut butter, coffee & roses.

April 11th

If you do THIS you'll burn about 104 calories an hour. What is it?

Answer: Nothing.

April 10th

60% of us that have one of these, don't use it. What is it?

Answer: Their car CD player.

April 9th

About 10% of people say THIS is the first thing they do when they get out of bed in the morning. What?

Answer: Check on their pets.

April 8th

According to women, THIS is the most annoying thing about men. What?

Answer: They never admit to being wrong.

April 5th

When moving into a new home, 25% of people immediately replace THESE. What?

Answer: The toilet seats.

April 4th

Over 95% of people say THIS activity is not a good idea on a first date. What is it?

Answer: Karaoke.

April 3rd

This should be enjoyable, but it stresses out a third of us. What is it?

Answer: Planning a vacation.

April 2nd

The #1 thing we don’t get enough of is sleep. What’s #2?

Answer: Vacations.

April 1st

There are 150 of these in existence for every man, woman and child on the planet. What?

Answer: Lego building blocks.

Bruce, John and Janine

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