How Fear Kept Janine From Putting Her Grill Together & How To Conquer Fear

I got this grill in a box over a year ago and dreaded putting it together, so I put it off. Then finally one day, still over a year ago, I opened the box and got started. The directions were crazy, complicated pictures, but I handily worked my way through them using common sense, and got most of it put together...until...I pulled one of the burner electric ignition wires apart from its spade connector (the piece that plugs it in). Having this happen, stopped my progression. Then I decided to just put it back together by threading the tiny wires into the spade connector by opening it up a bit, then pressing it back together and then taping it with electric tape. Then I plugged it in...but this is where I stopped putting the grill together because I was afraid my little "fix" job, wouldn't work, and I hated thinking about the hassle I'd have to go through to fix it, which would include taking some of the grill back apart. So there the grill sat in my garage waiting to become whole.

Yesterday I told myself that if nothing else happened, that grill would be put together, and I'd just have to face it working or not. What was funny was that there were only a few steps left to finish it off. Then I tried to talk myself into waiting to get the propane tank to see if it worked or not. But I made myself go up to Ace Hardware in St. Johns and buy the tank. Moment of truth...everything WORKED! I was so sorry that my fear had kept me from enjoying grilled food at my own house for over a year. Fear is such a waste of time and made up in our own heads most of the time...right?

Click HERE for some tips on ways to Conquer Fear

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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