Nearly Impossible Question - June 2019

July 28th

Almost 20% of dog and cat owners buy this for their pets. What?

Answer: Health Insurance.

July 27th

1/3 of us say that watching THESE, puts us in a better mood. What are they?

Answer: Sunsets.

July 26th

In the United States, the insurance industry says THIS is the #1 liability claim. What is it?

Answer: Dog bites.

July 25th

American businesses lose 450 billion a year in lost productivity because of WHAT?

Answer: Meetings.

July 24th

Almost 15 million people say they've done THIS in the last 30 days. What?

Answer: Drove within an hour of using marijuana.

July 21st

Americans on average spend 24 minutes a day doing WHAT?

Answer: Shopping.

July 20th

It happens 600 times every second. What?

Answer: Something is ordered on Amazon.

July 19th

2012 was the 1st year more women than men bought these. What?

Answer: Tattoos.

July 18th

The Reeve, the Bennett, the Niagara, the Gem, the McGill, the Banjo and the Fay are all types of what?

Answer: Paper Clips.

June 17th

This is the cause of around 100,000 motor-vehicle crashes each year in the U.S. What?

Answer: Falling asleep.

June 14th

While you probably care about a few, and only really love one, there are 639 of these in the US. What?

Answer: College football teams.

June 13th

One in four women has one of these in her purse; what is it?

Answer: Toothbrush.

June 12th

There are more than 1,000 chemicals in it, and odds are, you consume it every day. What is it?

Answer: Coffee.

June 11th

Couples who do it five times a month, are 50% less likely to get divorced. What is it?

Answer: Watch romantic films.

June 10th

The average man will do this 2,340 times during their life. What is it?

Answer: Mow a lawn.

June 7th

Worldwide, it happens every 35,000 times every second. What is it?

Answer: A cup of coffee is consumed.

June 6th

There are about 325,000 people in the world who have THIS in common. What?

Answer: They're 100 years old.

June 5th

When blowing out birthday candles, 1 in 4 women say they've wished for this. What?

Answer: More time with their husbands.

June 4th

What do the words assassination, hurry, aerial, bump, and auspicious have in common?

Answer: They were invented or brought to use by Shakespeare.

June 3rd

One in three men say they are very good at THIS. What?

Answer: Cooking.

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