Sneezing Blamed As Culprit For a Rollover Crash, But Golfers Save The Day!

A Tennessee driver blamed a sneezing attack for this horrible rollover crash on Monday. Local police officers say a group of golfers and construction workers saw the accident and helped flip the car so the driver could escape. Unbelievably, the the driver walked away without injuries.

Some people say it's impossible for them to keep their eyes open when they sneeze, but according to David Huston, MD, associate dean of the Texas A&M College of Medicine: "it is absolutely possible to sneeze without closing the eyes, but most people tend to automatically close their eyes when sneezing. It is an autonomic reflex, which is an unconscious motor action in response to a stimulus: in this case, sneezing".

Looks like this person had more than they could handle during their sneeze fest. Thank goodness it turned out okay.

Watch the video below...

Bruce, John and Janine

Bruce, John and Janine

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