Nearly Impossible Question - September 2019

September 20th

We like to think they're doing it more often, but the average person only does it three times a day. What is it?

Answer: Wash their hands.

September 19th

The average American ate 94 pounds of this last year. What is it?

Answer: Chicken.

September 18th

This happened almost 5 billion times last month, you probably did it 40-50 times yourself. What is it?

Answer: Watched video from YouTube.

September 17th

Women do this 3 times as much as men do; 50 years ago it was the exact opposite. What is it?

Answer: Take pictures.

September 16th

The average person will change this 645 times during their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: A light bulb.

September 13th

It's the most frequently spoken word in the world regardless of language. What is it?

Answer: Okay.

September 12th

Researchers have reported in men & women over the age of 50, 76% have some impairment in a bodily function. What is it?

Answer: The ability to smell.

September 11th

The average person eats 8 1/2 pounds of these a year. What?

Answer: Pickles.

September 10th

A survey of regular dieters THIS is the #1 food they miss the most. What?

Answer: French Fries.

September 9th

If you live in an average household you have four WHAT?

Answer: Umbrellas.

September 6th

Early American colonists had to boil blueberries in milk to make it. What?

Answer: Grey paint or stain.

September 5th

There have been about 30 movies made at, or about, what Federal property?

Answer: Alcatraz.

September 4th

In a survey, women said what they most want to see in a single man's apartment is a clean bathroom, what's #2?

Answer: Nice furniture.

September 3rd

It's estimated that the average person living in North America does this 22 times daily. What is it?

Answer: Open the refrigerator door.

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