Nearly Impossible Question - October, 2019

October 31st

Halloween NIQ! Halloween is the third largest day every year for consuming what?

Answer: Pizza!

October 30th

You probably count on them, but it's estimated that 20% of these are fake. What are they?

Answer: Online reviews.

October 29th

73% of employees who are allowed to do this…say it makes them highly motivated & put more effort toward the success of the company.What is it?

Answer: Dress for Halloween.

October 28th

In America, one of these is sold every two seconds. What are they?

Answer: A bra.

October 25th

The average temperature HERE, is minus 49 degrees. Where is HERE?

Answer: The South Pole.

October 24th

The average person has one of these on them that hasn't been in the last 9 months. What is it?

Answer: A key.

October 23rd

If it's available at work, 85% of employees will take it three times a day. What is it?

Answer: Coffee.

October 22nd

More than 1 in 10 airline passengers refuse to do this. What is it?

Answer: Use the bathroom.

October 21st

Defying all rules of logic and decency, 13 billion of these will be sold this year in the US. 13 billion what?

Answer: Candy Corn.

October 18th

14% of Americans say they have one, the younger you are the more likely it is you do. What is it?

Answer: Have a Zombie Apocalypse Evacuation Plan.

October 17th

If you're new parents, this will happen 2,500 in the first year of baby's life. What is it?

Answer: Parents will argue about something.

October 16th

The blood pressure lowering benefits of exercise are reduced when you use THIS hygiene product. What product?

Answer: Mouth Wash

October 15th

43% of people surveyed said they'd end a relationship over THIS. What?

Answer: If they didn't get along with their pet.

October 14th

20 years ago, every adult knew how to do THIS, now only 76% of adults know how. What is it?

Answer: Write a check.

October 11th

48% of us are most comfortable talking money with this person.Who is it?

Answer: Our Mom

October 10th

According to a new study of college students, doing THIS will make you look like a loser. What is it?

Answer: Taking Selfies

October 9th

29% of Americans say THIS is their favorite thing about Fall. What is it?

Answer: A lower electric bill.

October 8th

Just over 1/2 of adults surveyed said they'd rather have jury duty than do THIS for a week. What?

Answer: Give up coffee.

October 7th

It's very personal, and half of us haven't changed ours in three or more years. What is it?

Answer: Voicemail message.

October 3rd

If you're an average American woman, you'll spend 476 hours of your life doing it. What is it?

Answer: Crying.

October 2nd

The car that won the 1st Indianapolis 500 back in 1911, was the first automobile equipped with one of these; you still have one of these today. What is it?

Answer: A rear view mirror.

October 1st

Because of the movie, Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks, a new business was born. What is it?

Answer: Netflix.

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