Why is this tree in Bruce's Car?

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FROM BRUCE'S GARDEN, . It could happen to anyone. You're strolling your favorite garden center/nursery - or in our case the three or four we go to nearly every weekend - and then there it is. The perfect tree for a special spot. We've been working on the yard at the house in the woods for 13 months now and there has been this one place that needed something extra special.

(Previously on FROM BRUCE'S GARDEN - we learned that in Bruce's world there is no landscaping challenge that can't be fixed by planting a Japanese maple tree. Or two)

So there we were. And there it was, sun shining through delicate maroon leaves previously soaked by a heavy NW rain shower. The. Tree.

So we adopted it and took it home.

Delivery charge, no thanks. Load that bad boy right into my truck. Won't fit? Wanna bet?

Got it home and into the perfect spot.

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We'll be staking it against the fall windy weather coming and since it's at the northern end of the grass garden over there maybe some low grasses below it to transition into the taller grasses over there. We had a bonfire out there last night and over 'smores one of the kids decided it was our "family tree" and started naming branches. This one is Owen, this graceful one is our ballet girl Kaida, this one over here going it's own way is Henry. My wife said "which ones are Grandpa and Me?"

7 year old Owen said these two at the bottom. They support all the rest of the family.

Mic drop.

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